How UTurn Can Help

Learn about our approach, the services we provide, and the kinds of companies we work with, and what a engagement might look like.

Looking through the lens of people, process, and technology

Our Approach

When it comes to HR, operations and technology, sometimes you don’t know exactly where the problem is—you just know that something could be better, or running more smoothly. 

That’s normal—which is why when we first start speaking to clients, we’re happy to start out with an assessment and discovery phase. 

We take a close look at your HR ecosystem system through the lens of people, process, and technology—the same framework that’s used to assess and improve organizational performance in many companies. 

To achieve success, we work with organizations to create a balance among these three elements.

Services & Specialities

There are so many parts of HR strategy that are interconnected, and it’s critical to have a consulting partner with deep experience in and knowledge of all the necessary pieces. Here’s where UTurn can be your guide:

HR Strategy Development

Need to set the foundation with a strategy that brings together people, processes, and technology while ensuring an amazing employee experience? We’ll work with you to develop your roadmap, considering your future needs, your present capabilities, and how to solve the gaps that exist between the two. 



Organization Design

You have concrete goals for your organization—let’s make sure you have a resource/employee structure that helps you exceed them. We will partner to ensure existing and future resources have the skills needed to not only get the job done but is reflective of the company’s culture.  

Stacey not only ensured that the right vendor partners and technology was in place to drive business outcomes, but she also provided consultative insights on our strategy and approach. She was a thought partner who contributed to the overall value chain of talent development. I'd highly recommend Stacey's services to any organization who needs HR expertise in their quest to move from good to great.
Willie Mazyck, Jr.

Global Head of Talent Development
Danaher Corporation

M&A, Divestiture, & Spinoff Counsel

Our expertise in this realm—we’ve been through several large transactions and have led the HR operations for each—means you have an expert in your corner who’s available for advice, strategy, or tactical execution.

HR Technology (Systems) Consulting

In your organization, you have an ecosystem of solutions that are used to support the employee life cycle. Is that ecosystem as healthy as it could be? From “pre-hire to retire,” we make sure you’re getting the most out of your HR technology—and that it’s all working together as it should.

Process Efficiency & Simplification

Are there synergies that could be created across your organization’s platforms and locations? We’ll root out the duplicative work, ensuring you’re paying and using only what you need.

HR Project Management

Sometimes, you just need a second set of hands for a contained HR project, because everyone on your team is already overcommitted. Let us be your extra bandwidth, managing stakeholders and bringing in vendors when appropriate.

Change Management Consulting

If you’re embarking on a new journey, how do you bring your employees along with you? Whether you’re rolling out a new organization design, a new employee portal, or going through a merger, we can be there to create a communications plan and ensure there’s smooth collaboration with stakeholders.

Along the way, Stacey was able to successfully navigate through multiple and complex Spin Offs of XPO businesses. Spinning off HR technology and operations was one of the longest and most complex initiatives – but Stacey and her team were able to deliver on schedule without any notable issues. Her leadership, knowledge and wisdom make her a very successful professional and a wonderful human being. She has been and will be a tremendous asset to any organization.
Maneet Singh

Chief Information Officer
Snap One

Employee Experience

It’s one thing to have all of your HR systems in place, but ensuring there’s an amazing employee experience across them is paramount. We’re here to make sure your systems and processes are easy and engaging when your employees need them.

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Selecting vendors for HR technology can be a tedious process, especially when your HR team is dealing with day-to-day priorities. Let us take this piece off your plate by running the evaluation and managing vendor dependencies for you. 

What People Are Saying

Stacey can be described as an invaluable utility resource that can synthesize data and business problems into actionable and tangible solutions with real impact, not only from a dollar perspective, but also a culture and process perspective. When you bring Stacey into a room, you can rely on her to ask the tough questions, address the underlying symptoms and still empower those around her to get done what needs to get done. Business is not "just" business for Stacey. She is someone who pours herself into her work to get the best solution with the working variables and comes out with innovation. If you need someone to "get it done", look no further.
O. Syed

Vice President, Compensation
Stacey and I worked on many high profile projects together over the course of the years we worked together. She was instrumental in helping me launch learning technology that was right for our learner population. What I loved most about working with Stacey is that you always knew you were in good hands, she was extremely knowledgeable in getting systems implemented, very transparent throughout the whole process and most importantly she builds relationships with her customers and colleagues.

While Stacey and I no longer work together on a day to day basis, she is still someone in my network that feel comfortable to reach out to and know that she will give me sage advice.
Patrick Martin

Managing Director, Chief Learning Officer
Moody’s Corporation

Industries Served

UTurn Consulting is proud to work with these industries and business types:

Established Companies

Even organizations with full HR departments might need a fresh perspective from an external HR professional. UTurn works with companies of all sizes to build solid HR strategies, work on specific initiatives, and be sure your company is keeping pace with what’s on the horizon. 

Government Entities

The human resources function in government has shifted in recent years from a focus on transaction and compliance to that of a strategic, trusted advisor focused on the needs of the specific organization. We can assist with that transformation, making sure your HR team is focused on organizational improvement and excellence.

Private Equity Firms

HR leaders in the private equity space need to be both builders and integrators, ready to rapidly build HR systems and processes to sustain high rates of fast growth and also be able to integrate those same pieces in the case of an acquisition. Working with UTurn ensures that you have the expertise needed to lead or support your day-to-day operations or company integrations as needed.

Small & Medium-Size Business

Every business is different, and for small— and medium-sized businesses, HR needs are always changing, especially when it comes to how quickly the business is growing. Working with UTurn ensures you’re on the right track throughout your trajectory.  


Typically, structured HR practices aren’t high priorities for start-ups—after all, the last thing you want to be is “corporate!” However, it’s this lack of structure that can do more harm than good. We can create systems and processes that allow you to continue to be innovative, flexible, and agile.

Venture Capital Firms

As a VC, you’re used to telling the founders you work with to “focus on culture” to build a great start-up, so let’s make sure your HR function is in place. Working with an HR consultant can assist you as you go through your own organizational growing pains—and can also advise your startups on their HR needs.

From partnering on a specific project to in-depth fractional roles, we offer a variety of working arrangements to fit your needs:

Ways to Engage

There are three ways to engage with UTurn Consulting:

Project-Based Consulting

We work with our clients to determine project parameters and goals, develop plans, and assign tasks and resources as necessary, using our operational, strategic, and technical expertise to move the project to completion.

Retainer-Based Advisory

Looking for consistency and peace of mind with your HR initiatives? We also offer a retainer-based model to support anything that comes up.

Fractional & Interim Roles

If you need more of a solid, ongoing HR presence embedded into your organization, we’re also able to work on a fractional basis in several capacities, including CHRO, Human Resources Chief of Staff, HR Technology Strategist, HR Advisor to the CEO/CFO/Managing Director, or HR M&A, Divestiture, or Spin-off Advisor.

Is there an HR initiative you’ve been struggling to execute?

Let’s see if we can help.