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HR is getting more strategic with UTurn Consulting

Your human resources function touches every part of your organization

As companies strive to build out HR departments that are less transactional and more strategic, the shift may seem daunting. You might be wondering:

What does this strategic direction mean for your current HR systems? 

Do you have the right talent and skill sets in your organization to anchor and support the strategic vision? 

Are you bringing your employees on the journey with you, or do they feel left behind? 

Is employee satisfaction and engagement where you want them to be? 

Or, perhaps you don’t have an HR strategy—yet. Right now, your days are a loop of responding-reacting-responding-reacting, and you just can’t get ahead. 

If this sounds like your organization,
UTurn Consulting can help.

With our deep understanding of Human Resources, Operations, and Technology, we’re able to connect the dots between where your company is today and what you need to realize your strategic HR goals and initiatives.

Because every organization needs an HR partner that’s ready for the road ahead.

Take Their Word For It

I experienced Stacey to be a HR Technology professional of upmost ability. She consistently demonstrated a high degree of competence in her capacity to effectively execute her technology leader role, including superior customer centricity, project administration and oversight, team management, and risk governance.

Stacey had an unparalleled drive for results and would without fail deliver on her commitments. Furthermore, her integrity provided assurance that tasks would be completed in a thoughtful, quality manner. Over the course of my 25 year career in technology, Stacey is one of the individuals with whom I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate and deliver transformational change.
Vidar Pettersen

Sr. Technology Manager
Wells Fargo
I had the pleasure of working with Stacey on the HR leadership team for a Fortune 500 company. Stacey is an incredible thought leader, inspirational, and tireless change champion.

During our tenure, she led the centralization of an HRIS model for a 100k employee organization, managed a full company migration to a single platform, implementation of a domestic and international self-service platform, two major spin-offs while maintaining stabilization of the HR Operations function. She demonstrated her and her team’s ability to overcome obstacles that led to business solutions and higher productivity. Stacey is the leader you are looking for to address complex company issues.
LaQuenta Jacobs

Global Head of Culture and Inclusion
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

A Closer Look at HR Impact

Spotlight: XPO

Josephine Berisha

Former Chief Human Resources Officer

One of Stacey’s many standout strengths is her keen ability to deliver flawlessly and within expected timelines across a broad, global scope, even under pressure-cooker situations. At the beginning of our journey at XPO, we were charged with integrating HR systems, processes, and policies across an amalgamation of 17 acquisitions spanning 35 countries. By August 2021, we pivoted to a new strategy, executing the first of two back-to-back spinoffs of public companies (at $7Bn and $4.5Bn of revenues, respectively), with the second one completed in November 2022. In between these transactions, we also orchestrated the sale of our $1Bn intermodal and drayage business within a matter of 12 weeks (in March 2022)…

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