About UTurn Consulting

Leaving people, places, and things better than we found them: That’s the principle that inspired Stacey throughout her career—and it’s also the reason UTurn Consulting was founded.

With experience of more than 20 years solving HR and technology challenges for global Fortune 500 companies across several industries, there’s one commonality. Each organization’s aspirations to be great is coupled with our desire to be as efficient and effective as possible without compromising quality.

UTurn at a glance

When you partner with UTurn Consulting, you get a team who has been in the trenches and has steered plenty of extensive projects to completion.

We have...

We’ve also built high-performing teams—from the ground up—to support these HR business activities—and virtually all of those structures from past roles and companies are still in place today.

What Sets UTurn Apart

UTurn’s differentiators from other consulting practices are two-fold: the work that’s been done has been just that—work. There’s no theory or hypotheticals—just an HR leader that’s been through the same situations you might be going through, and can help you pave your own way. 

Having a keen ability to interact with people at every level and team within an organization, our consulting approach leverages the power of partnerships to connect the pieces of your strategy with the plan and resources needed to ensure success.

Our Founder

"I’m satisfied whenever I’m able to help companies get past the tangible—what they have—to explore what’s truly possible for their human resources strategy."

Are you ready to connect about what's possible for your business?